Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

Below you will find answers to the most common questions our clients ask us. We try to cover as many topics as possible to make it easy for you to quickly get the answers you’re looking for. However, you may still have a question or concern that is not addressed. If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to Revive It Hardwood Floors. Our Hardwood cleaning experts will be happy to assist you.

Do You Bleach Hardwood Floors?2023-02-02T18:14:17-08:00

Yes, we do. We can professionally lighten your hardwood floors to a lighter color. Please go right now to Book Estimate and upload your current picture of your floor, the room that its in and a picture of your desired color. Perhaps you have a sample or a picture that you can share with us? Call us asap to discuss your pricing once we have your pictures, we may need to take measurements and visit in person to “see” your target color as well as the Current color of your hardwood or engineered hardwood. Call us now (714) 553-3736

How Often Should I Have My Hardwood Floors Recoated?2022-12-19T13:39:31-08:00

We recommend that your hardwood floor be refinished for a minimum of 3-5 years. A recoat will help protect your hardwood floor investment and extend its service life.

How Often Should My Hardwood Floor Be Cleaned and Polished??2022-12-19T13:31:58-08:00

It depends on how many people, pets & activities in those rooms. Most of your dirt and contaminants will be coming from the hardwood and tile floors. You should look at periodic cleaning every 6 to 12 months or whatever the situation needs. This will keep contaminants that can gouge and damage your hardwood floor to a minimum. We will put you on the correct path to hardwood floor maintenance as well with proper cleaning, spot cleaning and maintenance chemicals and process once we are done. This will save you a ton of frustration in the long term. We are your long term cleaning partners!

Do I need to move furniture before you arrive?2022-12-19T13:34:37-08:00

Yes. This makes the job must faster to complete and helps us avoid breakables in your home. Also, we are going to emusify years (potentially) of wax build-up or the wrong products as well as dirt, and grime. We do need to strip the floor, neutralize, buff and polish at a minimum, and we dont want any damage to carpet, furniture or surrounding areas as well.

Are Your Products Environmentally Friendly?2022-12-19T13:36:16-08:00

Yes! All of our cleaning products are certified to be environmentally friendly, Pet & kid friendly. We want your home to be a happy and healthy place to be!

How Do I Maintain My Hardwood Floor Between Service?2022-12-19T13:38:11-08:00

We highly recommend using a microfiber broom as it picks up more dust and dirt. With a traditional mop, you are simply moving the dust and dirt around. It is this dust and dirt that is scratching and damaging your floor. Additionally, we will be teaching you and providing the proper cleaning solutions for on-going floor maintenance to you, this will cut down on wax buildup and other problems assocated with using the wrong cleaning products on your specific type of hardwood floor. 

How long does your service take to complete?2022-12-19T13:38:59-08:00

Each job is different depending on the circumstances. Generally, it takes 2-3 hours to complete a job, but it could take longer.

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